I’ve been wondering if love isn’t simply open-minded attention. We show our love by being curious about the other. We want to know what makes the salamander cock his head the way he does, the wolf pack howl at the moon and the potato chip glisten in the sun. With each moment of what we Read More... Read More →

Three nights ago, I’m at my boyfriend’s house. I’m struck unhappy via the old-familiar emotional-thought loops telling me what a failure I am. I call this Robin abuser, the Nazi-in-my-head. Curled in mucus and tears, my partner suddenly asks me to name three things I’m grateful for. I take a deep breath. There is space. Read More... Read More →

The era of global citizenship is here. Foisted on us by a dizzying mix of technology, transport and the economy we can no longer say we belong to Cuba, Chicago or Tibet but rather — -we belong to the Earth. As global citizens the old rules don’t apply. No matter where we own our homes, pay our Read More... Read More →

Some want to fly. Others to have X-Ray vision. But for me, I’ve got my eye set on becoming resilient. When life hits me direct, I want to skillfully welcome its intense burst — -not shy away. As I say in my book, The Charisma Code: Communicating in a Language Beyond Words, “The more moments we spend Read More... Read More →

As a little girl, I remember disarming my grouchy, old, sick grandpa, my Popo, with hula dances and surprise hugs. I put gel in his bangs till they stood tall like 1980s Cosmopolitan models, then we’d shuffle off to the mirror and laugh together. What this was, although I didn’t realize it at the time, Read More... Read More →

Gun violence, ISIS, the Election; there’s no shortage of bad news to suggest the sky could be falling in. But, when the news greets us with tragedy on a daily basis how can we still get our optimistic groove on? Cognitive scientist, Steven Pinker may have the answer. In his 2012 book, the Better Angels Read More... Read More →

The world is awash with data. In an average day we each consume sixteen hard drives worth of information. That’s a lot of emails, texts and google searches. Met with all this global-breaking news, how to get anywhere, anytime and instantaneous answers to our questions you’d think we humans would be evolving into a planet Read More... Read More →

V.P. candidates, Tim Kaine and Mike Pence (“The Finger.”) If you watched Trump and Clinton battle it out last week or Pence and Kaine go at it last night, you’d be forgiven for thinking debate is just a fancy word for a dirty old argument. History tells a different story and we’d be wise to Read More... Read More →

Would knowing what people are thinking have any bearing on how you relate to them? Probably. What if you could read minds? Most people think mind reading is close to impossible — except, maybe, for those with psychic abilities. That might be true, but there is also a way the average person can gain insight into what Read More... Read More →

Leaders; the best ones have the character, position and vision to energize their followers and make the world a better place. Right? Well, not quite. Or at least, not only. As the nation, hold-up, the world, turns their attention to the battle for U.S leadership it’s an opportunity for us all to reflect on what Read More... Read More →