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Robin Sol’s keynote speeches, based primarily from the content in her book, The Charisma Code, discuss a variety of topics and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any organization. Robin Sol also creates custom speeches upon request. Please note: all of Robin Sol’s talks are participatory —they are not designed for passive audiences!

Watch a clip from Robin Sol’s talk at the United Nations Headquarters:

Talk Topics

For Global Citizens (that’s You!):

Charisma: A Language for the New Millennium

Charisma is the currency of connection. No matter who you are, your survival depends on your ability to connect with others. In today’s hyper-connected climate, those who are best at connecting with a wide-range of colors, cultures and creeds have a business & life advantage. This talk reveals the 3-steps one can walk to connect with anyone, anywhere on the planet.

Charisma and a Culture of Peace:

Conflict? Gossip? Misunderstandings? If there is a language beyond words we can all speak and if that language connects us instead of divides us, we have a tool from which to wage world peace. Charisma is that language beyond words. Anyone can pick it up and use it like a magic wand in the face of painful separation. This presentation will not only talk about charisma’s implications; it will engage audience members in fun & empowering conflict resolution skills they can take home and to work.

For Businesses:

What Yelp is Saying about Your Brand:

Worried about your business’s Yelp reviews? Inspire raving customer reviews by building a charismatic company culture. This talk reveals the power of company charisma in relationship to customer satisfaction. Robin Sol will work with your people to start building a charismatic company culture today. Charisma comes from the inside out —so do your customer reviews.

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For speaking inquiries and to discuss presenting at public or private events, please contact Robin Sol. She will get back to you shortly.

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