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The Charisma Code Book + Coin:

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The Charisma Code BOOK + Free Charisma COIN

Take your communication from 2D to 3D with The Charisma Code: Communicating in a Language Beyond Words. Endorsed by Marianne Williamson, Zappos’ CEO Tony Hsieh, Congressman Tim Ryan and Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury, the Former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, The Charisma Code is designed to help you further your quest to be the best, most engaging, charismatic communicator you can be. It includes tools to help you inspire, make an impact and change culture. This book started the movement of our course, Unlock Your Charisma Code, and can serve as a desk/bedside companion or backpack guide to help you unlock secrets to becoming the charismatic leader, colleague, friend and global citizen you are ready to be.

Plus, when you purchase the book, you will receive a one of a kind, branded, authentic gold-metal charisma coin FREE ($15 value!) This is the only place you can get this authentic coin. The charisma coin follows the 3 steps of the charisma code. Carry it in your pocket as an inspiring reminder of what you are discovering about your charisma and communication prowess in the book.

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The Charisma Code AUDIOBOOK

Don’t have time to read? Want to listen to Robin Sol read The Charisma Code while you drive, walk or jog? Now you can! Artfully audio engineered by Blackwood Studios, The Charisma Code is now available through Amazon’s Audible to serenade you into your charisma. “My favorite part of the entire Charisma Code creation process was the recording of the audiobook. Since The Charisma Code is about a “language beyond words”, the audiobook let me SPEAK that language directly and indirectly to my listeners. So satisfying!” said Ms. Lieberman.

BONUS: Includes Loving Charisma Audio Boost