The Insider Secret
of how Sir Richard Branson, Malala, Jennifer Lopez, Oprah,
Marilyn Monroe, Einstein, Meryl Streep, Bill Gates, the Dalai Lama, JFK, MLK, Angelina Jolie,

and Countless Other Celebrities and Opinion Leaders

Have Undeniable Charisma That’s Helped Them Live Their Purpose and Create Much Happiness.


From the desk of Robin Sol Lieberman
Los Angeles, CA
July 2016

Dear friend,
Does any of this sound somewhat familiar to you?

  • You’re struggling in your relationships (either at work or at home) and find yourself getting wrapped up in unnecessary conflict
  • You feel overwhelmed
  • You are doing the work you love, but are constantly frustrated with not being able to communicate in a productive manner with your work colleagues
  • Even though you have your annual goals, they just don’t ever get accomplished – and you have this nagging sense that you’re not fulfilling your purpose
  • You’ve spent time and money on personal growth work, but you’re still feeling incredibly anxious when it comes to work, family and “social” relationships

If it does, then I have terrific news: you’re precisely in the right place. And you’re so not alone…

Why Aren’t You Living Your Best Life at Work and at Home?

First, it’s definitely not your fault. Let’s face it, we weren’t taught in school how to communicate at our best or how to resolve conflict, much less how to find and create our life purpose! What if you have huge social anxiety when it comes to meeting new people or speaking on stage? Who ever sat down with you and helped you enter life’s more daunting (Read: scary) situations? Right?! Don’t get discouraged, you’re not alone. When our emotions get the best of us, we simply don’t communicate at our best.

There have been several studies that show how the way you feel often times interferes with the rational parts of your brain. Because of this, when you experience fear, anxiety, anger or upset, you literally loose access to the intelligent capacities you would otherwise have available to deal with such emotions.

And here’s what makes that phenomenon even worse: when a current event or situation occurs that spins us the “wrong way,” others can feel where we’ve spun off to. How we feel is a literal communication that affects all those around us! More communication than you may realize flows from your body, betrays your upbringing, and advertises your personality. As I say in my book, The Charisma Code, we are ALWAYS speaking to others in a language beyond words… What you say, with and without words, makes the difference between ease at home vs. distress at home. It also makes the difference between forward movement at work vs. stagnation in your collaborative efforts at work.

As an example: Let’s say that when you woke up, you weren’t in the best of moods, maybe you spilled your coffee and had to change. Then traffic was horrendous because of an accident, so you arrived late to work. And today’s the day where your team is having a meeting—but now you’re late. So when you finally arrive to your meeting, your boss gives you this look and derogatory comment. You can feel it affecting your whole body with sickening constriction and nervous alert. As a result, your whole persona is affected from the inside out. You are sure everyone can feel the tension in the room. You are right—they can. Now the whole meeting is filled with this tension. Your co-worker says something which you interpret as a mean comment. You instinctually shoot back like a reactive snake with anger. The whole meeting has now been thrown completely off track. In that moment, the only thing that seems like it might make this better is sleep—and to never go back to work.

You may be thinking, “Yep. Been there. Those moments are horrible, but how does this affect me on the day-to-day?”

Alright, so, do you ever experience any of the following on a regular basis?

  • Overwhelm, stress, and lack of productivity
  • Social anxiety around clients, colleagues or family and friends
  • Fear of not ever fulfilling your purpose
  • Depression and loneliness—wishing you could connect in more meaningful ways with others
  • Frustration around communication difficulties
  • Socially awkward moments and dismal first impressions
  • A lack of enthusiasm around getting up and meeting the day
  • Wasted time in unnecessary conflict and even drama
  • Wasted time IN YOUR HEAD over unnecessary conflict and drama
  • Noticing how this social anxiety and your tendency to isolate is now affecting your wallet

Your Social Anxieties & Communication Frustrations
Are Shutting Down Your Success

Here’s an example of how a past event manifested for one of my clients, and stopped him from succeeding.

Timothy is a trainer at a well-known gym in Beverly Hills that caters to a celebrity clientele. Although Timothy is known as one of the best trainers in the industry, responsible for producing radical increases in health and strength, when I first met him, he was experiencing a dip in clientele.

During the course of our work together, I discovered that Timothy was having pretty major issues with the other trainers at the gym. He interpreted their sideways looks, laughter and lack of response when he asked them a question as mean, mocking and dismissive. This put him in a terrible mood. It made him feel the way he felt as a boy when his father used to physically and verbally abuse him. Timothy began to put on his protective “armor” that he learned to wear as a little guy and began walking around the gym avoiding eye contact and interaction with the other trainers. Without realizing it, he began to bring this defensive attitude and somber mood to his clients as well. Many of his clients responded by ending their working relationship with him.

Timothy wasn’t conscious of this. He knew he was reacting to his co-workers’ attitudes but he hadn’t seen the connection to how that was affecting his clients and thus his business.

Once I realized his issue, I was able to work with Timothy to unlock his own charisma code, even with his sometimes unsavory co-workers. Working together, I helped him see his co-workers’ behavior from another perspective, helping him take their behavior less personally. Once he saw his co-workers in a new light and committed to communicate with them differently, his hurt feelings shifted and he began interacting with them from a genuine place of ease and trust. He let down his heavy armor and not only developed more productive relationships with his co-workers, his clients began to leave their sessions with him in a better mood. Soon, because Timothy’s verbal and non-verbal communication began to project happiness, ease, and safety, his client roster began to grow! Once he learned how to use the 3 steps of the charisma code, he began connecting with more people inside and outside of work. He stopped wasting time in hamster-wheel self-deprecating thoughts, transformed his melancholic attitude that was keeping him from looking others in the eye and began attracting clients again. Thank God! Timothy changes lives with his work—since unlocking his charisma code, there is less pain and more beautiful bodies in this world.

There is a common misconception that you’re either able to connect with people in a way that draws clients, followers and mates or you’re not. You’re either born shy and have to live with it or you’ve got that “It Factor” that keeps the dough and the dates rolling in. Many people believe that certain communication skills—like charisma–can never be learned.

And the thing is, if these are your beliefs, and you don’t know that there’s another way to get past these communication issues that are holding you back from your success, you will stay stuck right where you are.

These beliefs become the mountain standing between you and your goals. Each time you are reaching for something, you have to first climb over that mountain. That requires a LOT of effort and doesn’t leave much energy for actually achieving the life you really want and deserve.

Most personal growth and/or motivational work attempts to equip you with the right skills, yet they are usually only teaching one or two things—they’re not looking at your whole-communication system. It’s not just about language, or words, it’s also about body posture, expressions, and the energy you infuse your words with. Those programs are missing 90% of how you actually communicate!

But What If Your Mountain of Communication Obstacles Just Dissolved?

Before we get into the HOW, let me tell you a little bit more about me and what I do.

course-robinI’m Robin Sol Lieberman, author of The Charisma Code, founder of TrueCharisma and creator of Unlock Your Charisma Code. Although I love communication, it’s not the words, it’s the language beyond them that fascinates me.

As a Cultural Anthropologist, but not quick at learning foreign languages, I’ve had to rely on this “language beyond words” to connect. And connect I did—deeper than many of my multi-lingual colleagues.

I developed a 3-part code for this connection language I was speaking around the world—the charisma code. We each have a unique signature charisma code and my work is to help people, just like you, unlock their charisma code so they can stop wasting time on miscommunication and start creating a tremendous amount of success, fast, in their business and in their lives.

I’m—different. Not only unable to learn foreign languages, I’ve had trouble learning my own! Diagnosed with a learning disability in first grade, I was sent to a school for “special kids” to try to learn how to read and write. Decades later, I’m now an author of my own book. In high school and college, although dancing always had my heart, I was unable to learn more than three moves in any dance choreography. Consequently, I was cut from every audition. Since then, I’ve performed with Axle Rose from Guns n’ Roses, on Tony Robbin’s stage and at Marianne Williamson’s events. I am the perfect person to teach you about charisma! It’s the only thing that’s gotten me anywhere!

I teach my 3-part code to help business leaders communicate more effectively with their teams, the socially anxious become the spice of the party, and entire organizations build a more charismatic image. I am living proof that charisma’s language beyond words is the magic sauce that, when “spoken”, can open doors that would otherwise remain shut.

After training with me, members of the Pfizer marketing team report being able to create more unique sale’s presentations resulting in a higher rate of customer enrollment. Once my clients identify their Charisma Type Advantage and learn how to bring dynamic tones, body language and energy to their sale’s presentations, they go from “not getting the audition” to making the sale.

The charisma code, being a universal language, has as many applications as it does people who can learn to speak it. The most soul-touching, life-changing and utterly satisfying component of my work came when I was able to bring the charisma code into prisons and to ex-offenders looking to reintegrate into society. Want a job? Been without one for a while? Yes, charisma can help at that interview. I have also found great joy giving the charisma code to refugees entering their new country and to University students looking to understand their unique gifts and how to fearlessly offer them to the world. As one of my friends playfully says, “From Jail to Yale, the charisma code gets you where you want to be!”

I’ve been a guest expert on WTTG-TV (FOX) “Good Day DC” and SiriusXM’s P.O.T.U.S. Channel’s “Morning Briefing” to discuss the Charisma Types of the presidential candidates. During these shows, I also helped audience members identify their unique Charisma Type as a means of optimizing their Charisma Type Leadership Advantage.

I have spoken about charisma at the United Nations as a tool we can use to help facilitate the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Why? Because to solve global scale issues like climate change, we need to learn to work together and we can’t work together effectively if we can’t communicate across differences. Charisma’s language beyond words helps with that.

Through my concentrated effort to crack the charisma code, I’ve helped thousands of people to be more successful, make more money, reduce their conflicts, have better, richer relationships, become great leaders and so much more! That’s why I’m writing to you today, because I want to help you live a better, richer life. Please don’t settle for anything less. You are made to be Great. As I say in The Charisma Code, let the desire to live as one of the Greats pump through your blood!

As you begin to play bigger in your life, you will also face more challenges. But not to worry- I am here to help you meet each one head-on and conquer what is keeping you from reaching the success you are made for! That is precisely why I designed this course.


This complete online course is designed to help you accelerate your success in every area of your life!

When you complete this course, you will have new strategies, tools and techniques, a kind of state-of-the-art tool chest you can use again and again to get past any communication blocks, conflicts, relationship issues, and so much more, that you may experience as you journey toward success.

The Charisma Code offers a wealth of tools for resolving conflict, inspiring engagement, and changing culture.”

–TONY HSIEH, CEO, and author of Delivering Happiness

The Charisma Code unlocks some of the best-kept secrets regarding living and leading from a power within us all. It removes some veils and restores our vision of things that matter the most.”

-MARIANNE WILLIAMSON, #1 New York Times Bestselling author of A Return to Love


I spent 3.5 years writing The Charisma Code: Communicating in a Language Beyond Words. You will receive a copy in the mail when you purchase this course. The Charisma Code is designed to help you further your quest to be the best, most engaging, charismatic communicator you can be while helping you live your most inspired and inspiring life. This book started the movement of this course, Unlock Your Charisma Code, and will be your backpack guide to help unlock the secrets to becoming the charismatic leader, colleague, friend and global citizen you have always known is inside you. If you’ve already read my book, this course will turn its lessons and thoughts into vivid-living color for you. Begin integrating the teachings in The Charisma Code by Unlocking Your Personal Charisma Code through this course’s modules.

Here’s what you will discover in Unlock Your Charisma Code



Why does it seem that incredibly successful people have such ease in communicating, talking and relating to their work colleagues, friends and family? Were they born with a gene that made them that way or was it something they learned? How did they get to be so good at communicating and relating?

You Will Also Discover:

  • The true meaning and history of the word “charisma” and how you can harness it to create more of what you want in your life.
  • Your charisma type. If you haven’t taken the quiz yet, it’s all in the course, and some extra cool bonuses too! Knowing what your charisma type is – (there are 5 types), is the first key to your success.
  • Your Charisma type advantage statement. Use this one-line statement to describe the value you bring. It will help you in interviews, at work, and in your life. Many end up using this one-liner from the course on their linked-in profiles.
  • The breakdown of your charisma type: its element, color, and of course the gift you give. This will help you use your personal brand and your natural style of connecting with others to give you that extra edge in your work and social relationships.
  • Why taking action NOW to understand your charisma type advantage will also help you overcome your frustrating communication patterns that sabotage your life.

The Charisma Code is a great manual for anyone who wishes to raise their energy level while connecting better in their work and personal relationships. This book will help you tap into the mysterious power we all have, but do not all access.”

-CONGRESSMAN TIM RYAN, author of A Mindful Nation

“Robin Sol is one of the rare ones comfortable being a free spirit in most any environment. As such, The Charisma Code is a special tool in matters of human literacy and cross-cultural communication.”

–Early Reese, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at United Negro College Fund

“I love Robin Sol’s take on charisma as being about connection, for it puts this mysterious quality into everybody’s reach.”

–STARHAWK, author of The Fifth Sacred Thing



We all have that little voice that says: “This will never work,” “Don’t even think about trying this,” “You’re fooling yourself thinking this will work,” “This kind of stuff is for those ‘woo woo’ types.” If you’re tired of hearing this negative chatter, and want to move past your skeptical mind, you’ll love this module.

In Module 2, You’ll discover how to turn that little voice down so you can access your infinite wisdom that is waiting to support you in every endeavor.

You Will Also Discover:

  • Techniques to start your day with Charisma by supercharging your mind and your body with vital life force, getting you motivated to create an inspiring day, even on days you can barely drag yourself out of bed.
  • The gratitude practice that will literally transform your day, weeks, and life to come.
  • Why these techniques are so important to your overall mental and physical health. Get ready to see drastic results in only 21 days!
  • How using this one simple technique will help you rewire your neural pathways towards a more charismatic state that will create balance and help you communicate more easily and effortlessly with colleagues, family, friends and even your higher power.
  • How this one action, when you take it, will totally surprise you in its effectiveness to create more of what you want in your life.

“There is an undeniable magnetism about celebrities and opinion leaders that borders mysticism. Robin Sol applies her background in Cultural Anthropology to break down a fascinating subject that reminds me of Joseph Campbell’s work in The Hero with a Thousand Faces. The Charisma Code is an enjoyable journey for anyone looking for ways to shatter the walls of what divides us and build a foundation for what unites us.”

–CHRISTOPHER PATTON, film producer and CEO of Phase 5 Energy Group

“Goodbye antidepressants, Hello Charisma Code!”

–Dr. Amanda Ward, Founder of Bloom Natural Health



As messy as emotions and feelings can be, especially in the work place, there’s no way around them. Certainly stuffing them is not a healthy option. The real answer is to learn how to deal with your messy emotions so you’re not scared of them.

In Module 3, you learn 3 practical magical tools to use on your emotions so you can be more influential and become a rockstar communicator.

You Will Also Discover:

  • How to meet your emotions head on so they don’t get trapped in your body as stagnant, swampy dead weight, hindering your would-be charisma.
  • A simple process for knowing EXACTLY how to deal with your emotions head on so you can use them for communication mastery instead of communication misery.
  • How to reclaim your power when you are feeling way too much and your emotions take you over.
  • The 3 core areas to focus on in your body any time you start to notice an uncomfortable feeling arise in you.
  • How to obliterate worry once and for all! Use this technique to free yourself from panic and fear. I know the worry warden all too well. Let’s obliterate worry together!

“This book is an abracadabra entrance into the inner sanctum of charisma! The information shared is pertinent to performers wishing to court audiences as well as those simply looking to court the mysteries of their hearts.”

–JEFF MCBRIDE, creator of the Magic & Mystery School, Guinness World Record Holder and World Ambassador of Magic

“Robin Sol is one of the most transformational and inspiring leaders today.”

–TWYLA GARRETT, president and CEO of Agile Management Inc. and IME Inc.



Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who’s speaking but you can tell they don’t really want to be there? You see them in front of you and your mouths are moving the motions, but it’s as if they’re not present, not interested and definitely not engaged. They don’t even look at you. Maybe they’re looking at their feet, or maybe they’re talking over you. It just feels weird, awkward and a wasted moment. It is. You just experienced a “lost conversation.”

Learn how to take back control of your conversations so you never feel like you’re talking to yourself again, or worse yet, talking with a person who, in a language beyond words, is telling you how uninterested they are in you. This is what Module 4 is all about.

You Will Also Discover:

  • How you can speak to be heard- and leave those boring, confusing and time wasting conversations behind you.
  • Learn how to speak in order to make a connection with the other person. It’s not as hard as you think, especially when you learn this cool technique!
  • 3 awesome energy techniques to shake and loosen things up in your body and your voice. Say goodbye to stiff as a board communications.
  • How to listen beyond your words (and theirs), as you begin to understand the different tones and body language ready to help you engage others, stand out and get noticed, all while having a ton of fun and comfortable ease.
  • How to become an expressive communication artist by combining your Charisma Type, your voice and your body language into a more authentic, unique and powerful communicator who is capable of leading more engaging and dynamic conversations with others.

The Charisma Code reminds us that the way we feel is a form of communication that measurably affects people and things around us in surprising ways. It offers suggestions for shifting what we feel—at the deepest level— to purposefully affect our world.”

–DR. ROLLIN MCCRATY, director of research, HeartMath Institute

The Charisma Code is the magnetic helix that binds humanity together. I believe it can unleash our power and potential to help us grapple with the challenges of making right the inequities that vex our lives on this planet.”

–NAILA CHOWDHURY, founder/chairwoman, Women4Empowerment and Alliance4Empowerment, as well as Technology Advisor to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation via the Technology Partner Network



Why is it important to collaborate with people different than us? Well frankly, diversity equals innovation. If we only work with and build friendships with people who are like us, at some point those relationships will become boring and lacking in innovation, passion and enthusiasm. In today’s era of global interconnectivity, the “us against them” strategy never works because we are “them” too. It is the influx of new and different perspectives that allow companies, individuals and relationships to ride the leading edge of growth in the marketplace and in our communities.

In Module 5, you’ll learn how important it is to open yourself up to different cultures and ways of communicating for life and work enrichment. You’ll acquire new tools, and a new approach, that will supercharge your global communications skills while making you a viable player to lead today’s unavoidable era of global citizenship.

You Will Also Discover:

  • TrueCharisma’s 3-step formula to connect with anyone, anywhere.
  • A little known fact about Genghis Khan that could help you get your next job.
  • A 3-word secret you can use to see the world in a completely different way, significantly increases your personal power.
  • How to use non-verbal communication in culturally sensitive situations to ensure a positive end result.
  • How being open to your own resistance to difference can act as your doorway into a bigger world more full of wonder, joy and productive interactions.

“As our world is entering a new era of interconnectivity, global citizenship is emerging as the only sensitive and realistic way of living for humanity. The Charisma Code builds on this transformational opportunity and creates a credible pathway for everyone to become a true global citizen ensuring that our planet remains livable for generations to come.

Robin Sol Lieberman deserves our appreciation and encouragement for articulating her vision in such a lucid and practical way in her book.”

–AMBASSADOR ANWARUL K. CHOWDHURY, Champion of The Culture of Peace; Former Under-Secretary-General and High Representative of the United Nations

“Robin Sol understands how to deeply connect with people. The power of her listening alone is transformative. The Charisma Code can help you unlock your own power to connect with anyone at any time.”

–ROBERT RICHMAN, author of The Culture Blueprint, former culture strategist,



OK, so you’re meeting someone for the first time and you know what they say about first impressions…

The basics, of showering, wearing the right clothes and maybe the right cologne or perfume all matter. But what else matters in those 3 – 5 seconds that could hinge on the beginning of an amazing relationship, or swanky new job? Most people have become so accustomed with the basics that they may bypass the deeper but just as important elements that, when combined with the basics, help you make a stellar first impression. In Module 6, you will become properly equipped to handle winning conversations and create killer first impressions, setting you up for major success and satisfying relationships.

You Will Also Discover:

  • How to ensure what’s on the outside matches what’s on the inside when you’re reaching over for that ultimate first impression.
  • That reaching True Charisma is not about doing what you think you’re supposed to do to be polite or telling white lies about your thoughts and feelings. Replace those misnomers with technique that will help you be real, be honest and become a true leader.
  • The one thing that will surprise you when it comes to making a true, real connection with someone.
  • How to really listen when someone’s speaking so you won’t ever have that glazed over look, or seem uninterested in what they have to say.
  • How to get at your true feelings and work through them quickly and efficiently so you won’t ruin a company meeting or party for yourself or anyone else.

“I highly recommend The Charisma Code. You will discover which type of leader you are and how to emerge as a global citizen. Robin Sol reminds us to listen to our heart, our soul, and our intuition. Her book is an honest invitation to live into Greatness.”

–AMANDINE ROCHE, UN Human Rights expert, author, and founder of Amanuddin Foundation

“More than a book, a new way of thinking. I strongly recommend it.”

–MICHAEL LEVINE, “America’s Premier Branding Expert” –CNN



It happens again, you get into a conflict with your boss, your spouse, your mom…it’s no fun. You run, you hide, or you fight it out.

Whatever you decide, in the end, people get hurt, and relationships end. Dealing with conflict is not only frustrating, it’s painful, debilitating, and exhausting. As debilitating and life changing conflict can be, conflict resolution is not something we were ever taught in school. The good news is there is another way!

In Module 7, you will add 7 magical moves to your charisma toolkit to bypass and resolve conflict the next time you feel your hackles rise.

You Will Also Discover:

  • The number one thing above all others you must do first before anything else—THIS one thing will diffuse the conflict right away.
  • How to stay in the present moment through your body sensations so you won’t fly off the handle and say something you will most definitely regret.
  • A powerful technique to calm your mind and help you stay in the moment—and it’s not just about breathing, (although that helps tremendously), this move will help release the tension between you.
  • How to stay focused on what you actually feel and muster the strength to simply and quickly articulate it in a way that draws you closer to the person you’re “having a moment with” instead of farther apart.

“How refreshing to see a code for charisma cultivation that mimics the patterns of nature! All I have to do is look around to see the Code in action. It’s everywhere!”

–DR. TAMSIN WOOLLEY-BARKER, evolutionary biologist and author of Teeming: How Superorganisms Work Together to Build Infinite Wealth on A Finite Planet

“When I first met Robin, her so sincere interest in what I had to say brought up elevated energy in me. Our conversation created new synaptic connections, even about a subject matter that I know like the back of my hand. Now, after reading The Charisma Code, I understand how.”

–ARMEN ORUJYAN, founder/chairman, Athgo International

Changing the Culture


What if you could influence your family, your friends, and your work? What if just by being you, you could change what those around you valued and acted on? What if your ability to influence others made you a great leader—not because you got good at telling people what to do but because your way was so interesting and attractive to others that they wanted to jump on board? Would you jump on board?

By becoming an effective communicator, you WILL change culture. This is the ultimate byproduct of this course. Like Midas, as you become a charismatic, everything you touch will change. It’s unavoidable. In this final module of our course, you will develop your communication skills as a means of spending less time in conflict, getting heard, developing your social power and currency, AND you will reach the ultimate goal as a charismatic….you will make a difference! TrueCharisma communicators change the world. In Module 8, this whole program will come together to help you become a cultural influencer.

You Will Also Discover:

  • How to make your own cultural imprint out of your life, making a huge difference with your family, your friends, your work and beyond.
  • True facts about your life that you can use to change your world.
  • Getting charisma is not your end game, you will see what your ultimate end game is and how to implement it to make real change.
  • 3 daily facts that open your eyes to so much more in what you can do with your life and your life’s work.

You will complete this course with a step-by-step system helping you up-level your engaging communication skills, resolve and dissolve conflict, and communicate across borders and boundaries. And the best news is that you’ll have incredibly effective tools to use to create even more life in your life (in all areas– wealth, relationships and more!) for the rest of your life.

“I have visited 42 countries in my life as a performer, and as a global citizen. I have observed that there is a language of connectedness human beings share just by being human. It exists in a place where spoken words do not. Communication is the key to global peace and harmony. Robin Sol Lieberman and The Charisma Code tap into this powerful truth.”

–DURGA MCBROOM, singer for Pink Floyd and Blue Pearl

“Most people who seek out therapy often suffer from lack of confidence. It is the result of distorted thinking developed over time by one’s upbringing, negative experiences, and environment. In The Charisma Code, the inspirational Robin Sol Lieberman addresses the very notion of how to develop a positive view of the self.”

–RUZANNA AVETISYAN, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

You may be thinking, “This sounds great! But how are you going to teach me to…”

In this course, you will be guided to:

  1. Take action NOW to know what your charisma type advantages are, helping you overcome frustrating communication patterns that sabotage your life.
  2. Use an ancient fusion of techniques to start off your day with Charisma so you can supercharge your mind and your body to help you motivate and create an inspiring day, even on days you can barely drag yourself out of bed!
  3. Reclaim your power over your emotions so you’re not debilitated for days, weeks or months.
  4. Clear Your Path to Success by learning communication techniques leaders have been using for thousands of years to change worlds.
  5. Speak to be heard- while leaving those boring, confusing and time wasting conversations behind you.
  6. Use TrueCharisma’s 3-steps formula to connect with anyone, anywhere.
  7. Ensure what’s on the outside matches what’s on the inside when you’re reaching over for that ultimate first impression.

First, know that I am completely committed to your success. I’ve been in your shoes, and if someone had told me at that point that within a few weeks or months, I could totally transform my life, I would have jumped at the chance!


The Pre-Work: Charisma Type Quiz –Those who successfully use their life-force to connect and communicate with others are known as charismatics. Let your communication become in-spirited. Take this quiz so you can use the advantage of your specific Charisma Type to unlock many doors for you moving forward in your life. (And this is before you even begin the course!)
Jumpstart Your Charisma Now” Video so you can start cultivating your charisma immediately.
Workbook Action Guides for each of the 8 Modules. The Workbook Action Guides are designed to accompany the course video content you will be learning, helping you bring ideas into real life.
An authentic Gold Charisma Coin with the three steps of how to Unlock Your Charisma Code on it.
Video Lessons for each of the 8 Modules. These professionally shot videos have been designed to feel like Robin Sol is in your living room, teaching you directly how to Unlock Your Charisma Code. Each module’s multiple video lessons are short enough to be watched during a work break or as a charisma boost to start off your day.
A physical copy of Robin’s book, “The Charisma Code: Communicating in a Language Beyond Words” mailed to you.


5 TrueCharisma Audio Boosts (Value $24.99)

Derived from Mind-Body Medicine, these 5 TrueCharisma Audio Boosts have been designed to create literal physiological shifts in your system leading to an increase in your confidence, your magnetism, and your clear communication skills. Need a particular charisma boost? Choose from TrueCharisma’s Supportive Boost, Enchanting Boost, Courageous Boost, Loving Boost, or Creative Boost. Listen to the Boost you need on your headphones, on the way to a meeting or to a date, at night before you go to bed or in the morning when you wake. Most importantly, however, is to let the sound of my voice and the sound of the music, loving created by the masterful musician, Josh Brill, relax and guide you into feeling more alive, more capable and more stunningly yourself than before you chose to listen.

Charisma Hacks PDF’s (2 versions – 1 for Personal and 1 For Businesses – Value $22)

Each of the beautifully designed Charisma Hack PDF’s are designed to be printed and referred to regularly. The Hacks will leave you with accessible tools to up level your charisma immediately— in you personally and in your business. Yes, your company can become more charismatic in everything it does, from customer relations to stationary to team meetings. How? With the Charisma Hacks PDF of course!! Learn from some of the most charismatic companies out there and get started implementing with these charisma hacks for your business’s growth today!

Historic Liberty Cap + Liberty Pin in a Cool Wooden Treasure Chest (Value $49.99)

I recreated the Liberty Cap, otherwise known as the Phrygian Cap, for those committed to unlocking their charisma code’s. Each time you put this Cap on your head, let it remind you that you are free!” Robin Sol says. Got the guts to wear Red on your head? More than a hat, a Liberty Cap! Red fleece so cozy you won’t want to take it off! These babies have been hand sewn in the USA by 3 different
nationalities. This is an especially special treat for those who love history, magic and things that matter. In ancient Rome, a slave was freed during a ceremony where a magistrate would touch the slave with a staff and pronounce him to be free. The freed slave’s head was shaved and a Liberty Cap was placed upon it. Recognized by its forward pointing tip, the Liberty Cap has been worn as a sign of freedom ever since; it points its red righteousness on the U.S. Senate and Army seals, as well as on coins and Coats of Arms throughout Europe, America and Latin America. Made available today, exclusively in this course, for you to proclaim your own liberty en route to being the best darn charismatic communicator version of you you can be! Also included in this really cool wooden box, is a custom designed liberty pin proclaiming the phrase, “Liberte´Or Muerte” (French, Spanish and English for “Live Free or Die!”). This Magical Wooden box with all of these treats will be physically mailed to you once you sign up and register for the course!

Scott Kuhagen’s M11 Fitness® “ACTIVE SITTING” mini video training (Value—A Lifetime of No Pain!)

Learn simple movements you can do while sitting in front of your computer, watching a movie or while driving to free your body of pain and open the way for more Charisma to flow through your day!

Master trainer, Scott Kuhagen of, developed his “Active Sitting” series as a response to the modern, mostly-sedentary lifestyles of today. Watch Scott teach you the techniques on Robin Sol in this Bonus video created especially for this Course.

More about Scott Kuhagen and how he developed his miracle techniques:

With over two decades of experience as a certified personal trainer, a one-time body builder, Pilates instructor, and massage therapist, Scott has woven together his diverse and lifelong pursuits to create a movement system that not only helps people heal from chronic pain, but to continue to build lifelong strength. It was while training as a body builder in his early 20’s that Scott suffered a painful and debilitating back injury leading to 20 years of intense chronic pain which significantly impacted his day-to-day quality of life. That injury was the beginning of an intense, personal journey that led to his creation of M11Fitness®.

Twenty years later, Scott lives a pain-free life of increasing mobility, as a result of his own personal transformation. What is more inspiring is his roster of past and current clients who are no longer in chronic pain as a direct result of the M11Fitness® systemic approach to tissue mobility. For years, Scott’s only goal was to heal the damaged tissues of his own body, which has resulted in the creation of M11Fitness® and an opportunity to share his discovery with others. Like us!

“The Charisma Code is a powerful tool to enhance your self care, both psychologically and physically.”

–SCOTT KUHAGEN, creator of M11Fitness® & M11Restorative Techniques®

Right about now, you’re probably wondering, “wow, this is a lot of stuff… how much is all of this going to cost me?”

It’s a totally reasonable thought/question; you’re working hard to meet your goals, including increasing your income. So It’s only right that you must fully consider each investment you make. (Because, rest assured, this IS AN INVESTMENT in you, your future and it will help you for the rest of your life’s journey.)

Just to make sure you understand the distinction between a cost and an investment: a cost is something you incur without expecting a return. An investment, on the other hand, yields a return.

Consider Unlock Your Charisma Code an investment. It’s an investment of time and money that you can expect to pay off, in a big way, as you put to use these techniques you will learn.

How much is your future worth? How much is it worth to you to be able to finally move forward, to accelerate toward, and even beyond, your greatest dreams and goals? Well my team tried to convince me that this course and all it’s bonuses needs to be at least $997.

Now, I completely love and respect my team. AND, I also know that I want to make this program available to so many more people. In order to do that, I wanted to make it accessible….

So right now – and for a limited time – you’ll spend just a fraction of their suggested price. When you join me in Unlock Your Charisma Code, it’s just $197.

That’s it. But here’s the deal, this WILL go up. Since I’m launching this for the first time, I wanted to make it more accessible, but trust me, this is the last time it will be this low. So don’t hesitate to invest in yourself at this price!

It’s just $197 to transform your life in a matter of months, or even days. Remember, before Robin Sol created this program, she was struggling, and once she cracked the charisma code, she jumped into the fast lane with her life and her business to create huge successes for her and her clients. You too can experience incredible results when you Unlock Your Charisma Code!

“Yes, but – I’ve done a LOT of communication, motivational and personal growth work. How is your course ANY different?”

It’s different because I’m different. I’ve struggled to read, to write, to memorize lines and choreographies. I’ve struggled with foreign languages and doing what people told me to do. I’ve spent years beating myself up with self-debilitating thoughts, struggling to see my value in a world that told me I was wrong because I couldn’t learn quickly how to do what they were doing. But here’s the catch: I was better at being me then they were at being them. They secretly craved the freedom I had with being myself. They craved it so much that once I learned to embrace who I am—quirky, slow-learner, all of me–they poured invitations and opportunities on my table. I learned then that I possessed a very valuable commodity in the real world…charisma.

It’s what’s gotten me into rockstars’ doors and the door fronts of other cultures. Charisma is its name. Was I born with It? I don’t think so. I learned it out of necessity. And so can you. If you’re faced with too many shut doors at work or in your personal life, please take advantage of this course and let it jumpstart you into spending charisma’s currency of connection today. These 8 modules will give you the secrets I have used to navigate my life from wasted time in self-perpetuating misery and withheld communications to living boldly and loudly as my here and now wild-hearted passionate self. Don’t wait to follow your dreams. You know you were born for something Great.

“Robin Sol is living proof that the Charisma Code works, she’s continued to utilize Charisma’s magic to create a movement and make change in this world. When it comes to attraction Charisma is key. And we all want to attract; whether it be a someone to love (or love us), someone to find us sexy, or a new opportunity in business and leadership – charisma is the key to that attraction. This book helps shed the light on Charisma’s magic and helps you get the “It factor” you need to attract what you want.”

–JAIYA, sexuality coach and creator of Ignite Your Passion

“The Charisma Code is on a huge mission to drive change in how people value themselves and others. It needs an army to carry out this mission… I am honored to serve as one of [the] generals.”

–JANET C. SALAZAR, CEO and co-Founder, IMPACT Leadership 21; FSUN Permanent Representative to the United Nations

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Explore the course for 30 days and see how powerful this course will be for you.

If you’re not satisfied for any reason, after implementing some of these techniques, I will kindly refund your money. This is for you. I created it for you. If it doesn’t fit, then just like that shirt at Nordstrom’s, you can return it for a full refund.

“Charisma is a key to influence. Influence is a key to success. And The Charisma Code is a key to having the life you want.”

–STEPHEN SHAPIRO, Hall of Fame speaker and author of Best Practices Are Stupid

So, are you ready?

Are you ready to take back the control of all your relationships and transform your communications to build your life into the one you desire and deserve? Are you ready to finally dissolve those communication issues and blocks that hold you back from your ultimate success?

Yes, Robin Sol – I’m ready to begin Unlocking My Charisma Code Now!

Unlock Your Charisma Code

Full Course Package:

  • The Charisma Code Quiz: If you haven’t taken the quiz, this will be a tremendous help in pinpointing which of the 5 types are the closest to what type of communicator you truly are.
  • Online Video demonstrations for each of the 8 Modules.
  • Online Downloadable PDF Action Guides, complete with each Module assignment so you can work on additional exercises to make the most out of the program.
  • The Charisma Code printed book (with even more inspiring examples, techniques and strategies for applying the charisma code principles in your everyday life.)
  • An authentic gold charisma coin with the 3 basic steps of the charisma code on it so you can bring a reminder of this course’s teachings with you everywhere you go.
  • You Will Also Get These Bonuses:
BONUS 1 5 TrueCharisma Audio Boosts
BONUS 2 Charisma Hacks PDF’s (2 versions – 1 for Personal and 1 For Businesses)
BONUS 3 Historic Liberty Cap + Liberty Pin in a Cool Wooden Treasure Chest.
BONUS 4 Scott Kuhagen’s M11 Fitness® “ACTIVE SITTING” mini video training.

I understand that I make this investment at no risk, if, within 30 days I don’t love all the great information and transformation, I can let you know and get a full refund.

Unlock Your Charisma Code

All For 1 Payment Of Only $197

This is it: this is your chance to make powerful progress towards your most important goals. Imagine… finally moving steadily forward with determination, precision, and success. It’s yours. Here’s to dissolving your challenging communications, forever. Here’s to living your life as one of History’s Greats!

P.S. Imagine yourself six months from now. Has your level of success changed? Or are you still working too hard, hunkered down by unresolved communication and conflicts? You don’t want to spend another minute struggling for your success. When your heart, your mind and your body are in alignment, your life flows smoothly. Register for this course today and you will be on your way to the life you were made for. It’s not going to be easy, it’s going to be Great!